Sunday, August 9, 2009

Entertain your guests with a KTV System at home! Suitable for events such as birthday parties, house warming, gatherings, speech etc.

Package Includes (as shown in picture):
1) 26" Flat Screen Monitor
2) Karaoke Speaker x 2
3) Speaker Stand x2
4) Karaoke Microphone x 2
5) Karaoke Player
6) Karaoke Amplifier
7) Audio Processor
8) Song Book (listing all songs in the library)
9) 4-input Extention Wire
10) Shelving
*Scroll down for System Specifications*

Weekend (Fri - Sun) - S$420/Day
Weekday (Mon -Thur) - S$320/Day

*Price Negotiable*
*rate includes delivery + installation fee*
*extend 2nd day at half price*
*we welcome any special arrangements / negotiations*

- Additional Microphone: $15 /day
- Microphone Stand: $6 /day

End of the day, our ultimate aim is to offer the best services and aid our customers in making the event a successful one. We welcome any special arrangments / negotiations as we'll try our very best to cater for your needs. Don't hestitate and contact us now! =)

Email to with a full description of your event.

System Specification:
BIK Karaoke systems are being widely used by KBox KTV – the largest family entertainment karaoke-box chain in Singapore.

Amplifier -
Speaker -
Microphone -
Audio Processor -
Karaoke Player -